HASP Information

Obtaining the HASP Device Driver

If you have an existing WindFarm installation on your computer that is working then there is no need to download and install the HASP driver. However, if this is a new installation, or you have upgraded your Windows OS, especially to Windows 8, 10 or 11, then you must install the HASP device driver.

Important : If you are using Windows XP then please contact ReSoft for additional information.

For Release 5 : Download HASP Driver (v8.13 Sep 2020)

For Release 4 : Download HASP Driver (v6.65 Dec 2014)

For users of release 5 with a new HASP, the HASP driver 8.13 for release 5 will also work for release 4.

Users of release 4 on Windows 10 or later may need to install HASP Driver 8.13.


The HASP driver should be installed using the following procedure:

1 remove your HASP from the computer if it is plugged in

2 unzip the downloaded setup file and run HASPUserSetup.exe - please note that this may take a few minutes, appearing to hang with zero time left

3 re-boot your computer

4 plug in the HASP - after a short delay it should light up and be ready for use. If you get a message that Windows is installing a driver (mainly Windows 7), click on status and then on “Skip obtaining driver from Windows update”.

Start WindFarm from the desktop icon or via the installed program list or on older computers from Start->All Programs->WindFarm Release 5.

If using release 4 and there appear to be problems with the v6.65 driver then try HASP Driver 8.13

If you still have problems try the latest driver on

WindFarm HASP Authorisation

Each HASP represents a WindFarm licence and once properly activated allows you to run WindFarm on any computer in your company (within the country where the primary licence is held) on which it is installed.

Lost HASPs will not be replacedyou will have to purchase an additional licence. We strongly suggest that you insure the HASPs against loss or theft.

We send codes from time to time for updating the HASP using the WindFarm 5 Authorisation program (on the desktop or in the program list for Windows 8 and 10 or Start->All Programs->WindFarm Release 5 (or 4) folder for earlier Windows versions if you have never used it). These codes are sequential and therefore you should not re-use an old code.

If we send you new codes for the HASPs in your company please ensure that they are applied promptly. This ensures that the sequencing of codes remains correct.


Installing WindFarm on a New Computer

Please note that if you install WindFarm and the HASP driver on a new computer you do not have to run the WindFarm Authorisation program again - you simply plug the HASP into the new computer after installation and WindFarm will run.

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