Changes from Release 4 to Release 5

WindFarm Release 5 has been developed primarily because of changing visualisation guidelines. However, it has also been upgraded to Windows 10 compatibility and includes later versions of various libraries. None of the new features are available unless you are a new user or have upgraded to Release 5.

Please read the information below. All the changes have been incorporated in updated tutorials, which should be examined for more detailed information. If you are interested in upgrading or require more information then please contact ReSoft Ltd.

If you are not a new user and not upgrading to Release 5 then do not download or install release 5.

New Folders and File Locations

The organisation of the files in a project has been changed. Before release 5 most of the files were stored in the project folder with some additional folders for some modules to store result and intermediate data. There is now a folder for each of the modules detailed below. Some already exist, some are new and some renamed.

The run data files for each module are now contained in its sub-folder, which is created when a module is started. If an old release 4 project is opened in release 5 the program will change or create the new folders, moving files and also updating the references in the files as necessary.

Module Sub-folder

Old name

Sub folders



Results, Dump









Animations, Profiles, Turbines, Dump






Results, Dump



Results, Dump






Results, Dump




Map Tiling

Map Tiling is the process of dividing a map image into a number of tiles and also creating a set of images at lower resolutions. It is set on by default for Release 5 along with using single maps (similar in use to Release 4).  However, multiple maps can now be used along with layering in groups that can be selectively displayed.

Height Data

There have been major changes so that the horizontal and vertical resolution of height data is centimetres. In addition negative values of height can now be used.

There is a new category of raster height data. The difference between raster and vector data is explained on the raster data page.

Batch Converter and File Joiner

The Batch Converter for height data and the File Joining programs have been available for some time. They are now listed near the bottom of the Tools menu in the Designer.


Most of the new features below are in response to changing visualisation guidelines:

1 The toolbar has been extended to enable easier toggling of some of the display attributes.

2 Locators can be added from a WindFarm or  external (ASCII) file from the menu item File / Append Locators.

3 Ridgeline drawing can be set in the wireframe.

4 The Sun's direction can be set using date and time and there is a new "dark" setting for use with aviation lights.

5 Fog can be added to the view of the rendered turbines and to aviation lights.

6 Any number of aviation lights can be displayed on the nacelle and tower.

7 Random blade angles remain the same when using multiple layouts and switching off one or more for display.

8 When using the menu item File / Export image there is an option to batch export a group of photomontages.

9 The use of a tiled photo can be set in the File page of the run data.

10 There is a reprojection tool to convert images from cylindrical projection to planar projection and vice versa.

There are a number of improvements to labels, markers and identifiers:

1 Umbrella end markers can be switched on / off.

2 The vertical spacing between overlapping umbrellas can be specified.

3 The position of a label between the display edge and the end of umbrella when the edge is overlapped by the umbrella can be adjusted automatically to keep the label in view.

4 A background colour (default white) can be set for marker identifiers or text. It is on by default. Note this means old photomontages will have a white text background unless switched off.

5 The main wind farm label can be set in the Edit menu.

Profiles in the Photomontage

The colours, turbine settings, line widths, borders and markers and identifiers along with wire frame settings can be stored as a global profile using the “Options/Profile” menu options.

In the File page of the run data a global profile can be selected and used.

There is a new menu item Options / Viewpoint File Profile where the use of a global profile can be specified for a viewpoint file.

When a Photomontage run file or Viewpoint file is saved a local profile is stored with the options that are in use at that time. This may be different from any global profile specified for that file. If a global profile is specified for use then that will take preference when the file is re-opened.


The animation code has been completely rewritten including a new storage mechanism.

These along with old animation files can be run in the animation viewer (PHANI).


The calculation is now made at millimetre height resolution. In parallel the ZVI exclusion zones have been changed so that you can specify heights to centimetres. The new features are:

1 The toolbar has been extended to enable easier toggling of some of the display attributes.

2 Exclusion zone boundaries are treated as barriers.

3 A local radius can be specified for each wind farm.

4 Circles can be drawn at the local radius.

5 Results can be displayed up to the radius from each turbine instead of the centre of a wind farm.

Shadow Flicker

The censoring of the shadow flicker times using the minimum sun height specified has been improved.


The calculation is now made at millimetre height resolution. In addition the radar interference zones have been changed so that you can specify heights to centimetres. The new features are:

1 The toolbar has been extended to enable easier toggling of some of the display attributes.

2 Interference zone boundaries are treated as barriers.

WindFarm 3D

1 The dae format models from SketchUp can be imported as can 3ds models.

2 An extra model importer to possibly handle models other than those directly supported.

3 In the plan view the editing of lines (forests, hedges and animations) and points (turbines and trees) has been improved. You can now move, add and delete points in a line.

4 The colour of the distance / angle line can be edited in the colours dialog (default white).

5 The object group (forests etc.) editing dialog now has add and remove buttons.

Grid Viewer

A new option in the Edit menu to fill in missing data.

Energy Yield, Wind Flow, Wind Analysis and Shadow Flicker

The ediitable graph titles are now stored in the run files and therefore can be different for each run.

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