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 Release 5

The latest release of WindFarm is

The turbine geometry has been improved by allowing multiple nacelles (bodies) in the complex geometry format and used in the Photomontage and WindFarm 3D modules.The Photomontage turbine schematic can show aviation light indicators and markers, identifiers and labels have been improved and applied to locators. In addition, Shadow Flicker can allow for real World data, lake boundaries can be added inside a forest in the ZVI module and the Designer Renumber function has been improved.

These changes are only available to users of the WindFarm release 5 standard version.

Release changes and download

 Windows HASP Driver

WindFarm release 5 will only run with the latest HASP driver. Download it from the HASP Information page.

This driver can also be used with release 4 on Windows 10 and 11.

 Using Raster Height Data

The UK Ordnance survey has introduced two height data sets, Terrain 50 (free) and Terrain 5. These are raster (cell based) data sets and need special handling as explained here. It applies to any type of raster data not just the UK.

Release 4

For users of release 4 the last release of WindFarm is   Download

 Demonstration Version

If you are looking for information about WindFarm or ReSoft or for a demonstration version then please go to The versions here will only work for authorised users.

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