WindFarm Release Download


This download is only for new users or those that have upgraded to Release 5.

Also if you are using Windows XP please contact ReSoft.

If Upgrading from Release 4

Do NOT uninstall release 4. When you install release 5 it will install as a new program distinct from release 4 and therefore release 4 can still be used with your existing release 4 projects.

The default data folder for release 5 is C:\WindFarmR5. Therefore to use one of your release 4 projects do NOT use it from its location in the previous C:\WindFarmR4 folder, simply copy the whole project folder into the new C:\WindFarmR5 folder and access the project from there.

If there are any specific files (e.g. turbine data) used from outside the project folder but inside the C:\WindFarmR4 folder and they are not in the C:\WindFarmR5 folder then these should also be copied into the release 5 data folder retaining the appropriate folders. Any that are outside the data folder should still be referenced correctly.

The release 5 folder structure within a project is different than release 4. However, when you open a release 4 project that has been copied into the C:\WindFarmR5 folder the folder structure will be updated to the new standard.

It is essential that all users that share files within a company are updated to the new release at the same time.

It is strongly recommended that now would be a good time to back up your release 4 projects previously developed.

Documentation provided on the release 4 to release 5 changes page will help you to understand the new features.


The WindFarm download has been divided into 4 parts.

  • The first download is the WindFarm program, which must be installed first.
  • The tutorials are an essential addition to the help system and a vital tool for learning to use WindFarm.
  • The WindFarm 3D data is needed if you want to explore the WindFarm 3D module’s capabilities.
  • The HASP device driver as detailed at the end of this page

The WindFarm 3D data download only contains one file C:\WindFarmR5\Turh\Terrain\TTurh001.tdba that is used in the tutorials and the Quick Tour and has not changed. If you have an existing installation you could copy this file to another location and then restore it after installing the program and tutorials, thereby avoiding the large download. Alternatively it should be in your back up.

The help system and the tutorials have been updated.

WindFarm Program (160MB)


WindFarm Tutorials (100MB)


WindFarm 3D Data (240MB)



Please unplug your HASP, as it should not be attached during the installation procedure.

Once the program file is downloaded double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation, then follow the instructions. The tutorials and 3D data must be installed after the WindFarm program.

During installation you will be asked to confirm two file locations (if for any reason you are re-installing make sure you use the same locations to which WindFarm has already been installed):

Program files :

The default is C:\Program Files\ReSoft\WindFarmR5 or


on a 64-bit PC it is C:\Program Files (x86)\ReSoft\WindFarmR5


The executables and help files will be stored here



Data files :

The default is C:\WindFarmR5


This forms the base directory for future projects and the sample case is installed in the sub-folder .\TURH along with wind turbine data in .\WTDB and tutorials in .\TUTORIAL.

Installation is straightforward and it is recommended that the default file locations be used (please do not use "My Documents"). Now download and install the latest HASP driver.


This release of WindFarm is for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 and uses a hardware security device called ‘HASP’. This has to be removed during the installation process, but attached to your USB port in order to run WindFarm. Use of the HASP allows you to install WindFarm on more than one computer (within your company and country), but only one computer can run WindFarm at any given time.

You now need to download and install the HASP device driver from the HASP Information page. When it has been installed re-boot your computer.

You can then start WindFarm from the desktop icon or via the installed program list or on older computers Start->All Programs->WindFarm Release 5.

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